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AceTheTiger item refund


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I lost a set of desh without the hoe, a couple of lead, 2 stacks of yellorium, 3 gelid cryotheum buckets (I was trying to get a fourth), 7 reactor glass, some reactor casings, a stack of redstone a tesseract, an enderthermic pump, about 36 redstone conduit things, some ores which I cant remember, fifty something graphite blocks, a large backpack with a bunch of stuff but i'm too much of an idiot to remember what was in it all I do remember was about 52 diamond blocks and 30 iron ones, i think there was some mystcraft stuff in it but cant remember.

Unsure of the coordinates it was a mystcraft world which I have at my base

I had just entered a mystcraft world as stated above and my frames started to drop I was looking for lead since it's a sky island world so the ores were easily located. I had just entered and was oonly a couple blocks away from my spawn when I had a tremendous frame drop and fell through a one block crack between 2 islands.

I dont have any screenshots but theres a little proof on my island


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