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[Inventory Rollback Request]*Optik55*


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Your Name: Optik55
Coordinates: 4756 , 69, -4239
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 23:00 m 01.05.2020
Description of Issue: I play with my friend and he acidently killed me and he wanna to gave myself my items and they disapeared, please help me. And its same ip as account Souchopac because Souchopac is typing that because Optik55 dont know how to send inventery rollback request so he said to me to create his account and submit request on forum. 
Screenshots (Optional): 

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My rollback point is the same as what you have now @Optik55, I imagine you played within the 12 hours within a save and all this progress was lost.
You will need to do a refund request instead, please either make a new topic for this following the template pinned. 
Or you can post below for the refund request.

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