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Title: [Griefing(?)/Lava Casting/Malicious Mining(??)] (Player responsible unknown, near to overworld /spawn at an active player's claim)


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In-Game Nickname: Unknown who is responsible.

Time and date: Brought to my attention May 1st, ~12:45am (American central standard)

Description of what happened: It appears someone has set a lava casting and strip mining grief around a claim, probably via lycanites tools (in my opinion a Geonauch Spear pike as it looks that size and shape).

It causes a pretty significant lag hit and continually spawns lava mobs from the casting (cinders etc) and low/no light spawns from the deep mine pits (chupacabra, grue etc)

Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/mt77e6b

List of eyewitnesses: N/A

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