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Inventory rollback request by MadSpring


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Your Name: MadSpring
Coordinates: Dunno, can't look em up cuz when i try to get there i die instantly.... PS: Papa looked it up, -1192 75 862 Raid world
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 21:40 9:40pm

Description of Issue: So i was in the water, when i tried to go back home. As i spawned home, i saw a message that i was burried alive and i was like huh? So i tried to back which didn't work. I made a death scroll to go there, and got burried alive again. Thing is. i was on top of the water. So why did i die... I lost all stuff i had... 
Screenshots (Optional): V2OEtb2.png



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