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Item Refund


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Your Name: Lookchub

Item Name + Amount: 1 infused crystal sword with sharpness 5, unbreaking 3, soulbound, and life stealing 2. Its size, purity, and cutting are max so size: 1800, purity: 100, and cutting:100.

Coordinates: Please return Items here (279, 72, 3122) X, Y, Z

Items lost here (-24, 218, 3495)

Description of Issue: I had my infused crystal sword and tried to increase its size after it had been a little damaged. (To do this, you throw i into a pool of liquid starlight). And then, my friend, lag clear, came along and ruined my life. The sword then disappeared. (I am making this refund request because I literally spent HOURS increasing the size, purity, and cutting to max which takes a long time) I hope you understand.

Screenshots (Optional): In this pic, I am holding the sword


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