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Sell Access Cards at Spawn


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I would recommend selling either contenttweaker access cards or galacticraft schematics at spawn shop. Make it expensive if you want. If you do this, please sell the galacticraft boss spawn eggs too or get rid of the quests that require you to kill the bosses.

Reason: This is because it is near impossible to find a dungeon on the planets to get a schematic. Firstly, its VERY rare, i have looked for 3 hours straight. Secondly, even if I find one, it will probably be looted. Thirdly, flying around all over Mars will cause a lot of lag (and other planets too)

Hope you guys understand!

Edit: AFTER 5 HOURS, I found a dungeon HOLE. However, I had to dig around the hole, from being told that dungeon entrances spawns are bugged. So you would have to dig around the hole for hundreds of blocks, causing great frustration.

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