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[Refund request] jakethedawg


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Your Name: jakethedawg
Item Name + ID + Amount: 

holding one resonant satchel with a golden shovel and 20 stacks of sand in it.

a creative fluxomagnet from vote creates

yeta wrench 

wings of the bat x2

insight 3 effeicny iv smashing fortune 3 diamond pickaxe

wireless crafting terminal x2

159 ender io grains of infinity 

4x me interface 

inscriber engineering press and silicon press

29 me covered cable 

void satchel 
Coordinates: 3249, 2 -4368 and 3220 69 -4370
Description of Issue: Died from a zombie while farming grains of infinity, no grave spawned similar issue happened in my basement being attacked by a spider
Screenshots (Optional)

Edited by jakethedawg
Happened again
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