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Refund for WaqoJaqo


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Your Name: WaqoJaqo
Item Name + Amount: flux infused pickaxe best enchants, fluc infused sword best enchants then i had a gold bag with a bunch of stuff for making reactor there was so much i can even write it all.i also had diamond armour and a jet pack
Coordinates: x--3815/y-67/z-4779
Description of Issue: i was in the nether collection quartz to make our new reactor look really nice when it was built and i was attacked by a group of zombie pigmen where i died a few times after i recovered my stuff i was followed through the portal by a pigman and was killed as soon as i teleported back to the normal world. when i went back everything was gone except me boots and me food,
Screenshots (Optional): sorry i do not have any screenshots :(

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