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rollback request

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Account Name: misskendell

Town name: / Character name : Town: deletos , character : misskkendell

Server: DW 1.7.10

Coordinates: x-700

                      y - 64

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 9:00 NDT

Description of Issue: put resonant sachet in enchantment table by accident  

*Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )

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When filling out a Rollback Request you need to make sure you are being specific on what you want.. You left it open to a Town Rollback or a Inventory Rollback, I am assuming an Inventory Rollback is what you want from the context of your post.

Also when doing a Rollback @misskkendell you will need to give proper coordinates and a date (Not a time.)
You gave X and Y, I need at least X and Z.
Y is optional as its just height.

Inventory Rollback.

I was unable to use the early June's rollback points due to an error, I had to use May 31st instead, I hope this still resolves your issue.
If anything is missing please make a list below for a Refund Request.

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