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Refund Request


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Your Name: ___Mr___

Item Name + Amount: 

Reactor casing - a little less than a full inventory


X: 5455

Y: 6

Z: -4173

Description of Issue: I had bought a lot of iron, graphite and yellorium to build a tonne of casings for my reactor. I had then made these casings and placed them in the quarry dug hole having built almost half the reactor. I had some lag issues so I relogged . when I came back I found that all the progress I had made had disappeared and the reactor casings were not in my inventory, however had the amount of money I had when I bought all the materials ergo I lost a total of around $500-$700 worth of reactor casings.

I request a reasonable refund of either the casings or possibly the money (as by the time this is answered I may have built more.)

Thanks, ___Mr___

Screenshots (Optional):  I have no screenshots of this taking place.

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