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Report, MadSpring


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Title: [Griefing][Madspring]

In-Game Nickname: (Mad, MadSpring



Time and date:

2:25pm 6/11/2020


Description of what happened: (In chronological order)

So a war was started between our clans, Mythic and melon. This is fine. But then they started camping outside of my house shooting arrows into it like firestorm arrows and thunderstorm arrows. He shot it into my 3x3 water pool and it was a thunderstorm arrow which spreads much fire and fire was set everywhere, fire summons cinders that attack us. after this he tried to say this was fine and all and  kirto2006 started shooting firestorm arrows into the base so i shot back with thunderstorm arrows. I do not have anything else to say as im stuck in a timing out loop.


Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)


I cant use imgur so my discord is Toxified#4329 i got more screenshots

List of eyewitnesses: (AlphaMatheus36, CrispySangFroid)

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Cool, all i see in this Video, is that the fire spreads max 2 blocks, thanks for that correction. But i think if you look to the right, there is a door and behind that door around 5-7 blocks behind, were the villager. So if i catched it up right, it wasn't my fault. But i mean, we can surely try it under the same circumstances at the villagers "died".

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So we just met at his house to reconstruct all. First of all, if you want to accuse someone of griefing, please do some work. I got in that room and already saw this giant Fckhead.

So i might assume that they got KILLED by THOSE and not by me. I think i brought enough evidence for now. 

Edit: I tested out if villager die one block over arix, but nothing happened. 


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We have gone over this and any kind of combat inside the claims is not acceptable (both involved parties i'm sure are aware of this).

Was fire lit from the lightning arrow? yes

Is fire a block/tile entity? yes

Do any block/tile entity modifications count as griefing? yes


Will I issue a ban for this? no


I am sure you both understand what is at stake.

@MadSpring Given you already have a griefing offence in the past, bare in mind next is a fortnight ban.

Please keep cool and think with your head. Don't let the anger and clan conflict lead your hands.

Next time a claim is bypassed - with or without harm nonetheless, I won't hesitate on issuing a proper punishment.

(Also, I hope you weren't planning to use those withers to grief their claim now, were you Melon?)

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