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Server Wipe


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I've been on the server for about a month now and in that time i started not knowing that RLcraft even was to having completed most objectives i had set myself even becoming Baltop 1 which was quite easy if i do say so due to the current position the player market is in.

I have seen a countless number of players come and go, not because the server is bad but merely because players have everything, its so easy to obtain endgame gear due to it being on the market, this isn't the fault of the players or the mods but merely the fault of time.. i believe its been around 8 months since the last server wipe and feel that its a bit overdue to say the least i feel the RLcraft server has gotten more popular and more busy therefore making this a perfect time to wipe, It makes old players not leave as its a brand new beginning and new players feel apart of the community and actually feel like they're helping to build the server up, it might even attract old players to come back, i feel a server wipe would overall be beneficial for every single player in the long run.

i am writing this post not as someone who is still playing, but as one of the players who are leaving with hopes to return once a wipe has occurred.

Thanks for your time. Farewell


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