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Item Refund Request - Server Lag despawn


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Hello friends! I've been playing your RLcraft server avidly, and as a minecraft noob I've made it a point to play safe to make sure I don't lose progress. Around 3:30 Central on the 21st, blood moon happened, Happy whacking outside near my base. Mobs yoinked both of my weapons with sticky, and then we slayed them all. My best item, a named sword Glamdring was nowhere to be found. Highest tier of advanced mending, supreme sharpness, education 3, and vampirism 4 or 5 were the expensive parts. Is this as intended, or did something bork? Lag has made the game nigh unplayable all day, and I really can't stomach the idea of lag possibly r.i.p.ping hours and hours of progress.

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