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Entity Wipe/Clear Warning

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Ever had an item on the ground vanish? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't.

This could be a result of Entity Wipe.

You never know when it is going to happen, so you can not leave anything on the ground without fear of it being wiped.

I am suggesting a warning which appears in chat prior to the 'Entity Wipe'. A warning in chat "Entities are cleared in 1 minutes time, any items on the ground will be deleted.", also possibly another warning 10 or so seconds before. 

I play on Infinity Evolved, I encounter losing items at random times, such as: When using the lumber axe to chop down large trees there are many entities to collect, having prior indication to a entity clearing would prevent the chopping of the tree until after the clear and not losing any resources. Also when bidding and purchasing from the auction, sometimes having a full inventory requires the items to drop on the floor. In the past making space for the dropped items won from the auction are cleared because of the entity wipe. 

If the server was to have a notice for the entity clearing then users could wait until after the clearing to start their auction (if they are auctioning a large amount of items). 

also If possible limit total amount of entities in the server, when entity limit is reached then the oldest entity is deleted. (or the oldest 100/1000 entities are wiped) Then we would not need a warning just don't leave the items on the ground for so long. <but problem with this is that players are able to dump as many entities as they want on the ground (deleting all other entities of other players).

Thanks for reading.

Feedback is good.



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