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Your Name: xMappers
Item Name + Amount: PowerSuit - Helmet with all environment upgrades, NVG, , High eff solar generator. flight control, compass, and clock.  Chest plate with jetpack. Legs with all movement upgrades except swim upgrade.  Boots with shock absorbers. Resonant Energy Cell. Flux Tool Set. BuildCraft Wrench
Coordinates: -2690.-3152. 93 (base coords because idk what else to put)
Description of Issue: Went to make lunch, was gone 20-30ish minutes, came back to find the server had restarted, upon logging back I was at spawn with empty inventory and after doing /back I was in the end which I haven't even been to yet, I don't know if I got force TPd there or what but when I went away from my pc i was standing in my base.

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