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inventory rollback request Funwitit


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Your Name: Funwitit
Coordinates: server restarted before I could get them
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine):  time was 4:30 pm 6/28/2020 when everything was fine
Description of Issue: so I lost everything but my halberd when I tped home when I was in a dungeon to grab something then tped back I insta died and lost everything except my halbard weapon cuz it had curse of possession on it.  the server im on is the RLCraft server. the armor enchants where unbreaking 3 burning thorns 3 advanced mending protection 4 all ofthe armor had those and the boots had an extra enchant for depth strider 3. the dragonbone flame bow had arrow recovery 3 and infinity 1. you don't have to give thediamonds or bones glass ender staff and torches those I can craft at my base to save u guys some time and sorry for so many edits still trying to remember my enchants on my stuff. sorry this is my 2 post on the forum within a week please don't get mad.
Screenshots (Optional):  this screenshot was taken 2 days before the incident happened the only thing that I don't need from the inventory is the halbard cuz I have mine cuz of thecurse of possession.image.thumb.png.925f375462aa094bc9fcf88f247cb54a.png

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