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The Player ElliotTHV used the Minecraft Username of LenceVio to start a vote party.


LenceVio asked the others in a single polite way to wait a little, so I can log in and participate on the vote party as well.

LenceVio watched the chat and saw his profile voted magicaly on it's own and only the 2 votes that missed, not all 5.

ElliotTHV then insulted him as Noob but didn't write any further after we informed him that we'll contact an admin.

I was right befor joining the server when the party started. So I missed it by 3 seconds...


The thing why it bothers us so much is, that LenceVio and I usually vote when only 30 are left. But what will make ElliotTHV stop voting for our profiles? This is an abuse of a loophole, it makes us uncomfortable and is considered an "ahole move". ElliotTHV can basically vote for 20 players and then be the only one online for the vote party if he wants to on the cost of other players.


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I'll suppose this happened on SF4, as both players play there.

Minecraft-mp and the rest of sites you vote in have restrictions in place to preventing players voting more that once (to prevent servers farming votes and players abusing the vote rewards), by checking the ip, if a vpn is being used and if that MC ign has already voted. So, Elliot could only vote once per site and as such he only gave his vote rewards to someone else (if he's really the one who voted, your only evidence is that he called Lence a "Noob").

Even if starting a vote party when someone asked to wait a bit isn't a nice thing to do, it doesn't break any server rule and as such there will be no punishment.

Thank you for your report.

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