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Lost gear


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Your Name: kyborg01
Item Name + ID + Amount: 

full blue dragon scale armour: enchants on each piece ADV protection IV, Unbreaking III, Curse Of possesion, Burning Thorns III, Advanced Mending V

Fired Greatsword Supreme Sharpness V, Arc Slasher III, Unbreaking III,Adv Mending V, Swifter Slashes V, Education III

Fortune Major Adv Effieceny V, Fortune III, Versatility

Fired Dragonbone Longbow Advanced Power V, Advanced Mending V, Infinfity ,Unbreaking III, Multishot III

fairy ring

dragon eye

Base Coordinates: 586, 64, -780
Description of Issue: got killed by a glitch then took staff to sort glitch so was unable to play for 3 days, gear all despawned infront of me
Screenshots (Optional): 

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