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Refund Request Zen613


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Your Name: Zen613
Item Name + ID + Amount: 
Iced Dragonbone Halberd (Frozen An Craite Halberd) <Legendary?
Curse of Possession
Adv Mending
Supreme Sharpness III
Arc Slash III
Swifter Slashes III
Difficulties Endowment III
Education III
Upgraded Potentials

Base Coordinates: 586,77,-3898
Description of Issue: I was afk while waiting for a server reset and placed both my pickaxe + weapon back into my toolbelt. When reset happened Only the pickaxe could be found, I am unable to locate my weapon. Am requesting a refund for the weapon due to server glitching. Thank you for your assistance and do advise if you need more information! 
Screenshots (Optional): None sorry I will SS all future high value weapons from now


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