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i found a bug


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first of all, you're in the correct section. 



If you notice a player or staff member has violated the rules you can report it here.


Secondly, you haven't used this obligatory template: 

Since we have been already acknowledged about this issue, we have talked to the player and he has pledged to not put himself in any forms of these awkward situations anymore, as it entirely isn't his fault. The plugin automatically detects when gamemode creative is activated and tags items which have been in the respective player's inventory.

We have insight of who and when buys crate key bundles, so the respective player and his vote keys/ ''illegal items'' are regular.

Also, I'd like to complain on the use of your vocabulary in the first and second post. Next time, specify the so-called ''illegal items'' that have been placed, not ''sold'' on the market.

Since this issue is solved (and you didn't use the correct template) ,


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