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A Bunch of Issues xD

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In-Game Name: Lookchub

Description of Issues:

1. Coven: I had 6 members in my coven and i accidentally killed one. I tried to "recruit" a new one but it says "you do not interest me" but i am both infused and have a familiar. Idk if someone can fix this or use commands or something.

2. Pech Soul Vial: I finally found a thaumaturge pech after hours of scouring through magical forests and captured it with soul vial. When I logged back in and released the pech... it disappeared... the soul vial was still there but empty after i released it. So can someone refund me a soul vial with a THAUMATURGE pech. (the one with the wand)

3. Imp summoning ritual: I summoned an imp in witchery with the correct altar power, circle, coven, and ingredients... no imp was summoned. It also consumed the ingredients. Idk if this is related with my coven problem. In my inventory you will find the four ingredients for ritual pls get rid of those and give me the imp soul vial. 

Hope you understand


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