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[Refund Request] Lookchub

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Your Name: Lookchub
Item Name + ID + Amount: 

Robes of the stratosphere with Prot 4, thorns 3, and unbreaking 3

Leggings of the burning mantle with prot 4, unbreaking three, pounce 5, and ascent boost 2

Cowl of the Abyssal depths with prot 4, unbreaking 3, night vision, aqua affinity, and respiration 3

Boots of the horizontal shield with prot 4, unbreaking 3, and haste 3

Awakened Ichorium sword with binding 2 (i upgraded it from last time) , sharpness 5, unbreaking 3, looting 3, vampirism 2

Terra shatterer SS tier enchanted (i can do the enchanting myself) I spent HOURS making this so if this is lost I am gonna go cry for like... 20 hours

24 disturbed cotton

2 melifluous hunger

Tainted blood pendant with resistance 2

Ring of runic shielding

Girdle of runic shielding

Filled greater band of mana

Description of Issue: 

1. Put items in enderchest

2. Went into spirit world/dream world

3. Took items from enderchest

4. Got disturbed cotton and melifluous hunger

5. did /spawn

6. Items disappeared except from enderchest

7. Went back to spirit world but items were not there

8. Items in inventory, armor slots, and buable slots at that time were lost

Screenshots (Optional): 

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