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[Refund Request] ImWorld


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Your Name: ImWorld

Item Name + ID + Amount: Ring of the Fairies + #5347 + 1
Base Coordinates: 12, 64, 4746
Description of Issue: I went into a Dungeon I wasn't prepared for and died. When I went back to get my Inventory I got everything back except a very expensive fairy ring I bought from Funwitit. Afterwards I died a second time and was assisted by Funwitit in the Dungeon and still couldn't find my ring, although there wasn't nearly enough time so that the ring could have despawned.
Screenshots (Optional): I don't have a screenshot, but you can ask Funwitit for proof of ownership of the ring.

Edited by ImWorld
Mistook rollback for refund (redid Template, fitting for Refund Request)
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