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Refund Request Zen613


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Your Name: Zen613
Item Name + ID + Amount: 
Missing Items:

Dragons Eye (Punishing/Undying)

Stone of the Sea (Punishing/Punishing) 

Honor Shield (Undying/Punishing)

Ring of Regen (Undying)

Poison Stone 

Ankh Shield (Advanced Mending + arcane enchant)


Helmet: This Exact piece except red and no curse of posesssion (nickname was gucci cap)2020-07-11_03_10_46.thumb.png.29b46e7225eba9b8ecbc87fd1c8771a0.pngpotentials


Chestplate: This Exact piece except red and no curse of possession , upgraded potentials2020-07-11_03_10_51.thumb.png.0bfb076962a9b9f868bddaee775a29d3.png


Pants + Shoes in text (unable to upload beyond 1mb)

Dragon/tide (i dont recall)
Adv Mending
Adv Fire protection
Agility II
Burning Thorns

Bronze Tide Shoes
Adv P4
Feather falling IV

Adv Mending
Adv Thorns III

Jump Height II

Remainder Items:
Lime Green Shulker box (filled with red and yellow terracotta stacks)

Fairy Ring (Undying) 

Assorted books and nether loot (not important)

Base Coordinates: 586,77,-3898
Description of Issue: I was exploring the nether when mrlifox (another user) requested i TP to him. we have interacted in the past so i tpaed with no suspicion. Was teleported to the middle of raid and immediately gorgoned dropping all items except my halberd. mrlifox picks all my items up and teleports home. stashing them away. When probed further - he revealed that he had initially planned to leave the server, but wanted to make it more exciting - choosing to kill me so i would enact a bounty on him. Till now all items are presumably with him. 



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