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[Refund Request] ImWorld


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Your Name: ImWorld
Item Name + ID + Amount: Dragon Egg #4460/0 (one egg) (White)

1 Diamond Dragon Armor (Head) #4487/0

1 Diamond Dragon Armor (Neck) #4487/1

1 Diamond Dragon Armor (Body) #4487/2

1 Diamond Dragon Armor (Tail) #4487/3

                                                Dragon Egg #4459/0 (one egg) (Blue)
Base Coordinates: 9233, 120, 6750
Description of Issue: I wanted to breed myself an ice dragon but when I dug around it, it just broke. (I tested it in single player, it's not supposed to happen) Because my first one broke, I put a second Ice dragon egg in the water and it disappeared. (Edit: My white egg reappeared, wtf) Edit2: My Ice dragon (White one) hatched and I grew it up to stage 3, then it disappeared while I flew it. My Ice dragon wore a complete diamond armor set.
Screenshots (Optional): I got a video if needed (Edit: Also got a video of my egg reappearing) (also got a video of my Ice Dragon (White) disappearing)

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