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End of stream

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I am asking for a friend of mine (username: Looqc)

Every time I try to join I get "End of Stream" or my game just crashes. I have tried to restart my game a couple times, re-install tekkit, and restart my PC, still got the error or sometimes it will crash. Last thing I was doing, I was going down the ladder and just to go out and restart because chunk didnt load for me. Username is Looqc. I dont mind if you just delete my player.dat, I can get everything back. Whatever is fastest.

Server: tekkit.craftersland.net:25567

Update: After disconnecting (some chunks weren't loading and I've though the issue would resolve by reconnecting) I am getting the "End of stream" message as well and I am unable to connect :(

Update 2: We can connect now again, possible there was a server restart which resolved this issue. :)

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