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Refund Request


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Your Name: JustAPal
Item Name + Amount:

Maxed out power armor set (all enhancements for all 4 armor pieces + power fist)

Desh pickaxe (Efficiency 5, fortune 3, unbreaking 3)

Desh pickaxe (Efficiency 5, Silk touch 1, unbreaking 3)

Desh sword (Smite 4, Fire aspect 2, knockback 2)

Bow (power 5, flame 1, punch 3)

Quarry x12

Coordinates: Mystcraft worlds
Description of Issue: I died twice. The first time I went into a mystcraft world jumped 2 blocks and then died because of hitting the ground too hard. I was at full hp and had shock absorbers with full power. I did /back to pick up my stuff but it disappeared in front of my eyes and I lost Power Armor helmet and chestplate. The next time I was in another mystcraft world and accidentally fell into some gelid cryomethium. I tried to get out but I got that weird bug where you move but the server puts you back into the same place so you can't actually move and I died.
Screenshots (Optional): no screenshot 


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