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Rossthe69Duck extreme trolling


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Rossthe69Duck is by far the most toxic person this server has ever met. He trolls, spams, is disrespectful against players and server staff, and he litteraly sh*ts on the servers rules, bowing them to his likes.

His new favorite doing is killing player, stealing their stuff and only give it back if they pay him 999999$.

I am not the only one who is trolled by him, but hereby i can only speak for me. I came out as gay to the server, and i met a very friendly community... if only there is no Ross. He constantly tells me to fuck my grandpa and kill myself. Tell me, Serverowner and GMs... is this okay in your eyes? Or why do you keep starring, but do not handle this guy?

I got a few screens for the server staff. Wanna hear my opinion? Ban him. Without the option to buy an unban. He ruins the server gameplay, and i allready heard many people mumbling about leaving the server.

Little hint: We, the players who are mocked by Ross, did pay for ranks and stuff... But Ross never buyed anything. It´s up to you which players you wanna keep. Just saying ;)

PS: Will keep this updated.



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i can agree with Akira_Mitsoshy . id also like to add that if you ask duck why he is being rude to others him and sloth both try to turn it on you like your being the racist/ disrespectful one. makes it so you dont want to play when he's on duck has received a jail and the very next day a day ban but that doesn't seem to stop him at all 

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