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[Refund Request] jensenbutton


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Your Name : jensenbutton

Item Name + Amount :

  • 2 Wyvern Helm 
  • 2 Wyvern Chestplate 
  • 2 Wyvern Leggings

Coordinates : x 3860 z -2024 y 70


I put on to the market place twice a full set of wyvern armor only to find and twice after a restart the full set of wyvern armor excluding the boots to have disappeared completely from the market place. Guess its a bug with the market place.  At first I though it was the server didn't save my listing as I put it up  only shortly before the restart but the second time confirms this not to be the case. Guess I cant sell wyvern armor on the marketplace.

Screenshot(Google Drive Link): 


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