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Vibrant Capacitor Banks Wipe

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Name: GreenandBlack20
Item Name: Vibrant Capacitor Bank  ID: 1773:3  Ammount: 18965
Coordinates:  x:2081 z:-428 y:113
Description of Issue: Hi , so i build a big bank , mainly for flex, and it started lagging the server so I tried to split it up into smaller banks but that was lagging the server much more so we asked for help in discord.I think that ManYouForgot wiped the banks and then urss told me to ask for refund so here i am.

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This is one in a time refund, if you keep lagging the server your base/structure will be wipe with NO refund possibility, try to keep it to a minimum and try to split them in diff. chunks.

Items are at your town spawn in 3 chests.

Refund done.


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