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[Refund Request] Godlordchaos

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Your Name: Godlordchaos
Item Name + Amount: Vote keys 30
Coordinates: x-129 y157 z-475
Description of Issue: was opening vote crate and after 3 of them they just got removed from 1 one i got 1 vote key from second one got 2 vote keys and from 3 one i got 250 cash
Screenshots (Optional): 

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Hey sorry for the long wait but can you explain in more details what happend, i'm having a hard time understanding how 30 vote keys just vanish like that.... seems from your explication that you only consume 3 and from 2 of them you got extra keys and from last money, is this right or?

I'm confused, i will leave it open please respond and try a better explication, more details.


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