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[Refund Request] ImCookiie


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Your Name: ImCookiie
Item Name + Amount: 

Full Set Iron Armour


cobalt head

paper binding

electrum rod

redstone modifier

mossy modifier 


Axe + Shovel:

obsidian head 

copper binding

dark steel rod 

mossy modifier

redstone modifier

The Ender sword 

White backpack w/:
64 steak

64 torches

64 Soul Sand 

64 Magma Blocks

20~ Blaze Rods

1 Wither Skull

3 Drop of Evil

2~ wither dust

Ring of the flying squid 

golden lasso w/ bat

cursed lasso w/ ghast

16 Coleslaw Burgers

I can’t recall the rest of the items in my inventory at the time, but have mentioned the most important. I’m happy to assist with anything else, and I appreciate the help regardless. :)

Coordinates: Death in The End 

Description of Issue:

Death instantly after teleporting through the End Portal located at spawn. No gravestone at death coordinates, as checked by a staff member. 

Screenshots (Optional): 


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