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[Command Request] [Discord VIP Role Request] BeiLier


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Account Name: BeiLier
Rank: Sponsor+
Requested Commands^: World Edit Command
Reason for Request*: To get rid of my old base and paste in my new dream base.

Also request Discord VIP role. (See image)

**Question**: I see the rule of abuse. But still a little bit confuse. Do the following actions count as abuse?

Please answer with 1) Yes/no ; 2) Yes/No; ...  Yes = Allowed No= Not allowed

1) Sell my old base to other players (my old base have 2 main buildings) because I spawned a new ones in. (This will only happen one time)  Yes/No 

2) My friend and brother want to join with me, can I spawn  for him/her a small/medium size Schematic base? (This happen maximum 2 times) Yes/No

3) Flat a big area ( bigger than my claimable blocks) to spawn in my base, will not  effect other players territories.  Yes/No

4) Can the server able to handle a huge Schematic when I paste it in? 


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Commands added

You may sell bases, as long as it doesn't contain creatively influenced items (worldedit counts as creative influence).
You can provide basemates with creative items (and worldedits) as long as these stay within the base.
You may only use worldedit inside your claims.
We'll evaluate the schematic you requested and make sure it doesn't break the server :)

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