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Claim Rollback Request OTwitch - Nikkinz


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Your Name:  OTwitch - Nikkinz
Coordiantes: x: -3695 y: 81 z: -780
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) 8/26/2020 10:45 a.m Central Daylight Time
Description of Issue: After server restart refined storage chips were missing. @Continuum
Screenshots (Optional): 

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the drive is the only thing that needs to be rolled back and its at x: -3696 z: -777 y: 81 were going to resume playing in the base but leave that whole system alone so dont rollback the whole claim if that is possible.   i dont know what software your using for RB's but the ones i used in the past allowed single blocks  .



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Hey guys! Captain Pesty Pants here. I've been very patiently waiting for an admin to rollback my refined storage drive. We've only been playing on the server for about 5 weeks now and we've pressed forward in the modpack a little bit. Our main materials were on the disks however and its getting very discouraging to play. Just a friendly reminder please don't forget about us. :) Thank You for your time and help ~Nikkinz (Capt Pesty Pants)

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Hello @OTwitch,

I apologise for the long wait, I had been on Holiday.

I have rollbacked the block at `x: -3696 z: -777 y: 81`. Mcedit doesn't display the texture of modded blocks so I am not sure if this is your refined storage.

If this was the wrong block, or if there are any problems, please reply with a mention (so I get a notification).

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