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  1. Simply breaking the 'Iron Block' should work. Alternatively, you can use the 'Blaze Rod' on the 'Iron Block' and remove it using the GUI. Sometimes it can bug out, so a server restart, or getting a Super Moderator to help will fix it.
  2. I have deleted the online chunks you had place, you will now be able to use all 106 chunks you currently have available.
  3. I have moved the topic to 'Revelation Technical Support'. Could you be more specific about the chunkloader issue? Don't you use the Iron Blocks as chunkloaders on Revelation? You can use /bcl bal to see how many chunks you have available. For the wand, a staff member will refund it when they are online.
  4. @_xXx_Reaper_xXx_ 1. This should be posted in Technical Support for the server you are playing on. 2. Please provide the name of the server you are playing on.
  5. @mysecretbase Are you still wanting this rollback? It seems like your base is gone, was this done by you? Noticed you were online around 9 hours ago but haven't said anything.
  6. Commands added. Please do not use /speed for combat. If you are caught, it will be removed and cannot be requested again. Enjoy.
  7. Re-added the commands, please try them out.
  8. Added the appropriate commands again, please check them.
  9. I reset the quests progress. If it hasn't reset, please message me on discord when you are online.
  10. Do you still have this problem? If so, you can remove the effects by using the 'Clear Effect' package from our store. It is a free package. https://craftersland.buycraft.net/
  11. Unfortunately, the backups only go as far back as September.
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