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  1. Yes the rule was changed. you can now Sell/Trade items that are NOT creatively influenced. So anything made through creative means would not be eligible. Like wise, anything "legit" can be sold/traded. Meaning, you can build your base structure in creative (like walls, roof, floor etc) and still be able to play in survival and sell items that you gather throughout the world.
  2. EPICfighters

    [Island Rollback Request]CallMeAnivia

    Rollback Complete
  3. EPICfighters

    [Rollback Request] Philldapill

    Rollback Complete
  4. EPICfighters

    Island roll-back

    Island Rollback Complete
  5. EPICfighters

    Rank removal

    Rank transferred
  6. EPICfighters

    [Town Removal] Google

    Town regenerated and removed
  7. EPICfighters

    [Town Removal]Vidlakov

    Town removed and regenerated T/C
  8. EPICfighters

    maps overlaying

    hahaha, no problem, glad you sorted it out
  9. EPICfighters

    Character stuck in space, game crashes on login

    Player sent to spawn
  10. EPICfighters

    maps overlaying

    I see, my 3rd point should hopefully still be correct?
  11. EPICfighters

    [Inventory Rollback Request]flightcraft2

    Moved to Infinity Evolved Technical Support
  12. EPICfighters

    maps overlaying

    1. We don't have a Tekkit Legends server so I am going to assume you mean Tekkit (otherwise known as Tekkit Main). 2. If so, Rei's Minimap is one of the mods already installed in the modpack so I don't understand the reason behind your choice. 3. Regardless of your choice, it should show you the key which the Menu is bound to under the map display. In there, you can disable the map. 4. Since it's still not clear (even though likely it's Tekkit), could you say which server you are playing on?
  13. EPICfighters

    Rank removal

    If ranks were IP based then all players with the same IP (such as alt accounts) would have the rank If you could provide your previous name and new name then this can be fixed for you
  14. EPICfighters

    [Command Request] Shparki [Duplicate]

    Even though you made a new one, it's still for Revelation so i'll move it. Moved from Continuum to Revelation Technical Support. T/C since you made a new topic.

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