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  1. Permissions restored. (Confirmed) Topic Closed
  2. Due to your ban history, I will deny this request.
  3. Remove the topic? It can be removed if you don't want the rollback anymore. Just reply with your answer. @Jultomtenyt
  4. I have performed another rollback. I saved your current inventory so you can get your items back if I have removed any due to this rollback. If I have, please msg me on discord.
  5. From what I can tell, you built a house, then the server restarted and the house was gone? I will assume that the server had crashed, and there was a short rollback. I have checked the backup for that day, and your house is not there. We apologise for the progress you had lost, and will gladly refund any items you lost due to this.
  6. This doesn't seem to be for Tekkit? What server is this for?
  7. Rank transferred to NJ970.
  8. Topic Closed - New topic was posted in correct area.
  9. Notice: You must be active during the voting period to gain the Top Voter rank. If you are not an active player, then the next player will get the rank. Congratulations to all the Top Voters!! Congratulations to ViroCMN for being a Top Voter for the 16th consecutive time! Congratulations to cabalmaster for being a Top Voter for the 5th consecutive time! TOP VOTERS The March Top Voters are: Continuum: nukebiest Direwolf20 1.12: trez82 Direwolf20 1.7: ViroCMN, 0815xardas Dungeons Dragons and Space Shuttles: freeq81, H3nry GregTech New Horizons: Goatf
  10. Reactivation Complete. In the future, please post such requests HERE.
  11. Permissions Granted. You can use the /butcher command which is one of the world edit commands. "/butcher {radius}"
  12. @NerdfuryTX I have sent you to spawn. In the future, you can purchase the Unstuck package on our store located under the Fixes tab. This is a free package and will send you to spawn. CraftersLand | Welcome (buycraft.net)
  13. EPICfighters


    Are you not able to invite each other with /is invite {name} ?
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