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  1. Unfortunately, the only backup we have for your area is on the 10th. The backup after this is just after your specified time, around 3:30 GMT. If you remember any items you had, these can be refunded to you by the staff.
  2. Forgot to post a reply xD I added worldedit to the account (was discussed in discord) Have fun, don't use on large areas as it may lag the server. Any abuse will result in it being removed. T/C
  3. When did you make the disk drives? It could be possible that the backups we have do not have the disk drives. The backups are made at 2am, 8am, 2pm and 8pm GMT+0. The backup I used for your island was 03/12/2019 8:13 PM
  4. Command was fixed. Thank you for the report.
  5. Added Time set and Weather commands. Please don't use these commands too often. There is no givesoul command.
  6. Congratulations to all winners this month!! Another festive month is over! Fireworks, bonfires and many sleepless nights with endless laughter and family fun! I hope you all enjoyed bonfire night and Thanksgiving and any other events you celebrated! This month, those who play on RLCraft finally get the privilege of having the Top Voter rewards (if you got the most votes 😉) Congratulations to cabalmaster for his 11th consecutive time as a Top Voter! However, it's nice to see someone is also the top voter!! Congratulations to Papikus_ and iiTzArismaltor_ on their 5th consecutive time as a Top Voter! Hope you continue to play on our servers and make great progress! TOP VOTER WINNERS The November Top Voters are: Tekkit: cabalmaster Skyfactory 2.5: Papikus_ Skyfactory 3: StarMatrix371 Skyfactory 4: Biggins1980 Sky Adventures: Margali62 DireWolf20 1.7: LastDawn_0 DireWolf20 1.12: mr_frootloops Revelations: Flinn_Rider Infinity Evolved: smoochieface Continuum: wwll2soldier22 Stoneblock 2: DOT308 Interactions: Hydrophiinae Ultimate Reloaded: Mikasa OmniFactory: ladytaz67 DDSS: Fezyx RLCraft: CowGoesBananas, GazBitang Network: iiTzArismaltor_ On behalf of all the staff, a big thank you to everyone who voted for our servers!! Enjoy your new rank in-game! Best of luck to everyone on becoming next month's Top Voter! Rank will be given after this post. If there are any problems please reply with a mention or message me directly. https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/28074-monthly-top-voter-rank-rise-above-them-all/
  7. If you recently created the town then the coordinates should still be in your recent logs. If you go to your logs and search for "[(" using Ctrl + F then the chunk coordinates should be found. Multiply these by 16 and those are your X and Z coordinates of where you created the town. If the town is not new, then it will be difficult to find. If you do find your town, don't forget to either sethome or set town spawn.
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