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  1. EPICfighters

    [space station rollback] nitsua2005

    That depends, only the administrators can add commands for players, typically on maintenance days or when one of them looks. I'd say within at least 4/5 days. This topic has been answered and will now be closed.
  2. EPICfighters

    [space station rollback] nitsua2005

    @nitsua2005 did that work?
  3. EPICfighters

    [Inventory Rollback Request] Flashduke

    So do you want a rollback or a refund? There's a different template for that. I see that you posted the items you lost so I'm assuming you want a refund.
  4. EPICfighters

    [space station rollback] nitsua2005

    It says invalid world because the space station is not loaded. You can't go to a home in a different world if it's not loaded (hence the invalid world). You should be able to get there with a rocket. In the future use a linking book to get there. Note: town spawn and linking books work cross dimension as they load the world whereas /home doesn't.
  5. Backpack refunded and placed in inventory.
  6. EPICfighters

    change password

    New topic made in Password Reset. T/C
  7. EPICfighters

    [Town Removal] DarkEagle

    Town removed and regenerated. T/C
  8. EPICfighters

    Guy killing me few blocks outside my town

    The sword used is a legit sword obtained through the auto enchanter.
  9. EPICfighters

    Town Removal Request "WALR"

    Town inactive for 4 months 8 days. Removed and Regenerated. For future town removal requests please provide a screenshot of the player's inactivity using /seen [name] as it states in the template. "Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):"
  10. EPICfighters

    Refund request:kona591

    Items Refunded and confirmed by player. T/C
  11. EPICfighters

    Refund request:kona591

    Was there anything in the backpack?
  12. EPICfighters

    Guy killing me few blocks outside my town

    There's an error with that video
  13. EPICfighters

    Item rollback problem

    Items refunded
  14. EPICfighters

    [Inventory Rollback Request] wanzen

    As you asked for this before you made the rollback request i have refunded the additional items. Everything should be fine as confirmed by player T/C
  15. EPICfighters

    [Town Removal Bulk Request]

    Yes Will close this now.

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