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  1. Rollback Complete Confirmed with player T/C
  2. I know this topic is closed but I just want to add, staff do not have the ability to depleat player hunger nor spawn in mobs. I should know this since I've done the permissions ^^
  3. I see that you made a rollback request but retracted it. Am I correct in assuming you no longer want a rollback?
  4. I agree. Do you mean you will gladly help other players build on their island? Since you are a default player on Skyfactory 3, you don't have the world edit commands. If so, making a post in the Skyfactory 3 Technical Support section won't get you very far. T/C
  5. Free the :v

  6. Item refunded. Placed next to smeltery T/C
  7. Thank you, I really appreciate that.

  8. I reset your rank. Hopefully it will have fixed it. Inform us if it hasn't.
  9. Commands added. Note: Do not use world edit on large areas. Misuse of world edit will result in it being removed and you will no longer be able to request it. Inform me if anything is wrong.
  10. Rawr x3 nuzzles how are you pounces on you you're so warm o3o notices you have little problem with degeneracy o: someone's handling a lot of degenerates ;) nuzzles your last two non degenerate braincells~ murr~ hehehe rubbies your urge to do something to these people you're so big :oooo rubbies more on your urge to do something to these people it doesn't stop growing ·///·

    1. EPICfighters


      What. The. ****.

      Whatever you are taking... You should stop.

  11. Rawr x3 *nuzzles*

  12. rawrxD

    1. EPICfighters


      rawr xD * (You forgot the space) 👍

    2. cmyk


      Ramma hacked my account and posted that, I’d never make such a rookie mistake :v

  13. Do you have a rough location of where the drawers were? I could replace those to get the items back and then refund the drives.
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