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  1. Oh sorry, I should have mentioned this in the last reply, but I will need the coordinates of the Refined Storage Drive in order to do the rollback. Putting what you lost in the coordinates section does not help 😅
  2. Hello @SirStompsalot, Upon looking at the region file (based on the coordinates you provided) the last time the island in that region was loaded was on the 28/08/2019. Within the same backup folder, the same region file is not found within the Over World region folder. Could you provide a bit more information regarding your claim. Is your base setup in the Skyworld (the skyblock) or is it setup in the Over World? Are the coordinates also correct?
  3. So you want a claim rollback, not an inventory rollback? The inventory rollback won't get the lost disks back.
  4. Looking at the files we have for the area, the smeltery is still not there. If you could provide the information about the size of the smeltery and what blocks were used to create it, those can be refunded.
  5. Unfortunately, due to the server wipe, we do not have any backups from the morning. The backups for Infinity Evolved are done in the morning of each day (my time, GMT+1). Because the wipe was done after this backup sequence we do not have a file that will have the items in your chests. If you remember any of the items that you are missing we will gladly refund them for you.
  6. Rollback Complete. If there are any problems please contact us.
  7. Since it has been some time, is this rollback still needed or was or dealt with on the server?
  8. What was the name that you typed in? If the payment went through you should have an email from "Craftersland <noreply@tebex.io>" this should all the information regarding your payment.
  9. I have transferred the package over to DW 1.12. You should receive the keys within 5-10 minutes (if you are currently online).
  10. The keys you bought are for the Ultimate Reloaded server. There are two scenarios here. 1. You posted this in the wrong section. 2. The keys are meant for DW 1.12 and you bought them for the wrong server. Which one is it?
  11. I've added the /item command. If there are any problems or difficulties then feel free to message me.
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