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  1. Cursed Earth is best to use when creating mob farms
  2. Command added. Do not world edit large areas. Keep in mind your actions are logged, any abuse and you will lose access to world edit. Play safe
  3. Here's a little (probably not) guide to the town permissions. Hopefully, this guide will help solve problems and clear misunderstandings in the present and future. I noticed there are a few different topics about MyTown commands/permissions but they seem to be a little outdated. Frankly, I couldn't be bothered editing them. This is only a guide for the town perms, no other commands have been added as there are other topics on it. Town Rights Everything else Thank you for reading, ~EPICfighters P.S. Feel free to ask questions and/or supply extra information.
  4. Topic moved to Tekkit Complaints Hello, it was me who did that. I had already put the keys back into the left golden chest after you explained in chat. They should still be there.
  5. Hello @Whiteflash1, I went to your cave to test the crusher and I didn't seem to have any problems. Here you mentioned that you can only place one crystal in at a time. When I tested this in your cave, I was able to place a stack of crystals in, and all of them were crushable. Here is a screenshot to show this working. If you could enlighten me about the problem you are having, with screenshots and/or a short video then I would be most grateful as it would aid me in helping you.
  6. If you are the only one having these problems then it might (don't quote me on this) be something to do with claim flags. I can't even begin to guess which one but I'll do some testing when I have some free time.
  7. Due to how the files are saved, I unfortunately don't have a closer save. The one I used was for the morning on that day. I could revert the rollback, however you would just start crash g again, and no one wants that. I could revert the rollback for specific chunks though and see how that goes. But it would be best to not revert the area that had the space station problem. If the area crashes again then you'll have to possibly try to get a refund for the "important" items lost. I could do multiple tries, however I don't want to restart the server too often within a short time, so it could take a while. Information from you will be required for this. More specifically, which chunks would you like reverted back. If you knew which chunk you launched the station from then I could possibly revert the rest and just leave that one. Hopefully it would only be that chunk crashing your game. No promises though.
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