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  1. EPICfighters

    [Inventory Rollback Request] xyxBILLxyx

    Rollback Complete (again ) and confirmed by player T/C
  2. EPICfighters

    [Claim Rollback Request] NaminisBebras

    Rollback Complete
  3. EPICfighters

    [Inventory Rollback Request] xyxBILLxyx

    Inventory Rollbacked
  4. EPICfighters

    [Refund Request] Zwoooz

    Items Refunded
  5. EPICfighters

    [Unban Request] [Always_Ein]

    All screenshots will be shown at the end. 1. Lying on an unban request doesn't particularly help towards getting an unban. The book you used to teleport the giants did not lead outside the claim, it in fact teleported them 5 chunks into the claim, using the giants to kill him instantly clearly goes against rule 2 as you bypassed town claim protection. 2. What you say now and what you did kind of contradict each other. You say if you knew the giants had entered the claim then you would of removed them before hand. This seems like a load of rubbish to me. For one, why would you spawn giants near their base (even though this is a false claim as said above) if you didn't want them to kill the players? And two, after you had sent the giants to kill Ramma, you stated that your plan had worked and if he wanted more. This clearly shows that you intended for them to kill him. 3. I don't know where your clan members got the idea that the ban was for "spawning a giant". I'm fully aware of how it can be done, the ban was for using the giants to bypass the claim protection and kill a player within it (which you've admitted to) Unban request denied, you clearly bypassed claim protection and then even tried to lie on your unban request. Screenshots: Portal used to teleport giants Location where portal lead
  6. EPICfighters

    [Refund request]Rotomegax - again

    Hey, if the keys are in your inventory could you put them in a chest so a staff member can swap them out.
  7. EPICfighters

    [Refund Request] xHuNgRy_DiPnDoTz

    Items placed in your chest at bottom of the stairs at your home.
  8. EPICfighters

    [Refund Request]mazokill

    Items placed in chest next to Nether Portal
  9. EPICfighters

    Island problem

    @Mini I'm pretty sure that question is in green yes? You can just click on it in chat
  10. EPICfighters

    [Unban] [FuzeIII_]

    After reading through the logs I have come to the decision to unban you. You have been playing tekkit for 5 days now (from what I can tell) so usually you should of read the rules by now however judging from your reaction and what has been said you clearly haven't. Ignorance of the rules is no exception but in this case I can see how it was not intentional as you was trying to contact staff about a potential rule breaking issue. In the future, if you are muted and need to contact staff you can use the /ds command (direct support) or contact them via discord. The rules page is here please read through them thoroughly to make sure anything like this doesn't happen again. T/C
  11. EPICfighters


    Items have been recovered and therefore rollback not necessary. You don't seem to have any claimed land near your home (that I would find) therefore I shall hold onto the items. Please message me next you go online.
  12. EPICfighters

    [Rollback Request] 1nanc

    For now your items have been placed here. Anything else missing feel free to PM me. T/C
  13. EPICfighters

    [Rollback Request] 1nanc

    Rollback of drawer area complete Do you remember what level your items were? I can't add more modifiers without the extra ones.
  14. EPICfighters

    [Rollback Request] 1nanc

    So, just so I get this right, want me to rollback the drawers again and refund the drive (even if you are not going to use it again)?
  15. EPICfighters

    [Rollback Request] 1nanc

    It seems like Refined Storage is having problems on Continuum too and disks are being lost. The last save for the area where your drives are was 0213 (2:13AM) GMT+1. So for you it would be 0413 (4:13 AM)

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