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[Refund Request] NemesisDK


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Your Name: NemesisDK
Item Name + Amount: 

  • 1 Ender Quarry
  • 1 Ender Quarry speed III upgrade
  • Dimensional transceiver

Coordinates:  X: 79; Y: 125; Z: -160
In the Nether
Description of Issue:  In the morning everything was in place, at lunchtime I go and someone took all the things, leaving only the tesseract. As if they removed half a chunk

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  • Manager

Items placed in player's inventory.
If the quarry was placed on the edge of the chunk it can be easliy be broken with aoe mining tools like hammers, bound pickaxe, terra shatterer or draconic tools.
Next time claim 3x3 chunks for the quarry town and place the quarry in the middle chunk for safety

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