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[Refund Request] Lightnessxp


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Your Name: Lightnessxp
Item Name + ID + Amount: 2x Nether Star Seed and 2x Nether Star Crux
Coordinates: x -7229, z 5341, y 70
Description of Issue: NotSeeParty crafted 2 nether star seeds and 2 nether star cruxes and threw the 4 items to me, so that I could plant them in my automated farm. I saw them for a fraction of a second when they left him, however, due to a server glitch they didn't got to me and didn't return to him either. I also don't have anything that could have sucked them in (besides the one ranged collector I have and I've double and triple checked it, they are nowhere to be found). They simply seemed to have despawned. (the server lagged at the time as well). Normally I wouldn't ask for a refund for droped/glitched items, but since they are tier 6 seeds and it took a lot of effort to craft them (you can ask everyone on the server, all that wither killing didn't go unnoticed ;) ), we would really appreciate it.
Screenshots (Optional): I can give you a screenshot of the one nether star seed that he previously made the day before and planted at my field, so that you know that we indeed have the technology level required:



Thanks in advance!

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