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Item refund request


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Your Name: JustAPal
Item Name + Amount: 

Stone 20k

Cobblestone 200k

Glass 15k

Sticky piston 150

Regular piston 220

Quartz block 800

Gold Block 1500

Iron block 900

Wood 8k 

Diamond block 2500

Emerald block 800

Redstone block 1500

Coal block 1500

Quarry 50

Pump 80

Tesseract 60

Moon turf 10k

Moon dirt 20k

Moon stone 60k

Block of cheese 200

ME drive 2

Fusion reactor 1

Atomic electromagnet 150

Yellorium block 3500

Cyanite block 600

Fluxed electrum block 250

White lamp 200

Chalk 5000

Empty drum 350

Rocket mk2 1

Rocket Mk1 5

Storage cluster 150

Tin block 600

Silver Block 400

Copper block 2500

Lead block 1100

Ferrous block 300

Shiny ingot 800

Electrum block 250

Invar block 350

Enderium block 250

Aluminium block 400

Graphite block 1500

Steel bar 1200

Wool 2000

Safari net (reusable) 15

Block of desh 40

Creative builders wand 2

Unstable ingot 80

ME storage drive 64k 9

Block of glowstone 1000

Obsidian 4k

Mossy stone 250

Crystal 2k

Meat Ingot 500

Blaze rod 400

Silicon 2000

fluid storage cluster 40

MR fluid storage drive 64k 3

Certus quartz 2000

Raw silicon 500

Lapis block 400

Hay bale 200

Netherrack 2000

Nether brick 5000

Soul sand 500

End stone 5000

Mars sub surface rock 3k

Mars surface rock 1k

Cobblestone (mars) 5k

Ghast tear 300

Coordinates: -5461 -2150
Description of Issue: Town ME drive was griefed and since rollback was not possible I'm making a refund request. I don't remember exactly what I had but it was something like this. I combined items into blocks so that you wouldn't have to give every item and instead just blocks. Best option would probably to put the items into an ME drive at town and hook it up to the ME system. I'll sort it from there.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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