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[Inventory Rollback Request] EnzoQ


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Your Name:  EnzoQ
Coordinates:  Around x:1580 y: unkown z:1400 in raid world
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine):  around 10h/11h am GMT+1, 12/09/2020 (11/09/2020, 12h pm)
Description of Issue:  Running around underground dungeon on the desert killing mobs, had entered a room that had a crazy amount of gorgomite here a start lagging alot so went to destroy the spammer and run to the next room, that when it happens a big lag spike that my screen froze, and when it went to normal the screen says that a had died by "skeleton kill", did /back it bugged was constantly dying in pitch black, went manually to the coordinates to try to retrieve the items, but only found two items my flame dragon bow and paxel rest were gone couldn’t find anywhere, it was gorgon room everything was turned into stone no idea including my body no idea why it said skeleton killed my.

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