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Server Suggestion To pull New People


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So I was browsing servers when i came upon this quite lovely server! But sadly it did not include what most people are searching for :( henceforth I decided to try out RL Craft, sadly, that too did not give me what i so desperately desired, so let me tell you what i did, in fact, desire. and what most players want! 

A Crazy Craft 3.0 Server! 

I believe in this server and i think it can bring hope to our community, please contact me with any additional questions! 

Contact me though discord Tomu#0218

Thank you, I believe in this servers potential!

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There was a mod poll a while ago as in which mod the community wanted and i'm pretty sure i saw some whacky mods like crazycraft or something similar, i also think i saw a newer version of Tekkit which i would've loved but i am unsure of that, also for now you can just wait cause i think the MC Eternal was quite recent.
Like 2 months ago? 

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