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MC Eternal impossible quests


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A couple quests still cannot be completed. Great job fixing the others I had listed earlier!

* Dimensions - Ice Bomb banned so cannot complete. Quest removed.

* Dimensions - Crating a Pirat Hat requires an Archeologist, which requires a Pirat Hat, which requires an Archeologist, ... in finitum Loot from cheesy crate.





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Ice Bomb quest removed as the item is restricted.

For the Pirat Hat one, it seems it is impossible to craft it indeed and it's a problem with the modpack itself. You can still get the archeologist from the Cheesy Lootbox, so I guess that's the intended way to get it, at least for the first one.
I don't know much about the Rats mod so there could also be other methods to get the archeologist upgrade.

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Thanks for removing the ice bomb.

As D3 mentioned, cheesy crates work. Someone opened 900 before they got the archeologist, so now we can make additional ones a little easier.

I'll continue to add more issues that I find to this thread. I'll open new threads if you prefer.

* It appears impossible to travel to Limbo (Dimensions Quest tab, bottom right). I've tried several methods that should work, but they don't.

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