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Wireless Energy broken on Direwolf20 (and Revelation)


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Wireless Energy, Draconic Wireless Crystals AND EnderIOs Dimenional Transcievers just randomly stop working all together and only breaking blocks can sometimes fix it.

Im very frustrated with this as this was one of the reasons why i left the Revelations Server (which is laggy beyond playable sometimes).

Now i get the issue here on Direwolf20 too, very frequently.

Just some screens to proof that im not insane. Even tho im slowly becomming insane.

Chunk was loaded the entire time, Outlets and what not are correctly setup and energy is stored plently. It doesnt matter if its EnderIOs or Draconics Wireless Energy. Both simply stop working at some point.





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Im gonna leave server temporary until this issue can be resolved by the Staff, im getting too frustrated with this. No passive aggressive means here, i would actually appreciate if someone notifys me or posts here as soon as its gone cause i still believe the server is great on other departments.

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