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[Refund Request] Thorino


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Your Name:  Thorino
Item Name + Amount: 1 Diamond Sword|1 Fluxbore (resonant)| 1 diamond axe|2 baked potato| 64 factory block| 1 diamond wand|5 Framed Outer Corner|64 painted glowstone| 1 iChisel|64 cobblestone| 5 factoryblock|23 Andesite|52 laboratory block|1 golden leggings|6 bone|34 laboratory block|3 painted glowstone|64 painted glowstone|1 illumination wand| 64 cobblestone|24 granite| 64 cobblestone|34 diorite|64 painted glowstone|64 cobblestone|64 painted glowstone| 64 painted glowstone| 2 gold nugget|64 cobblestone|64 coal|8 framed slant|1 egg|32 framed block|64 painted glowstone|17 painted glowstone|1 slime boots|1 iron leggings|1 emerald chestplate|1 iron helmet|1 angel ring.
Coordinates (format x, y, z):  X:4644|Y:63|Z:-3521
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: X:4641   Y:63  Z: -3521
Description of Issue: Died in a tree, and the grave dissappeared

Screenshots (Optional): 861b6e2cfce379dc9c2d8c71b8ca8962.jpg
https://gyazo.com/861b6e2cfce379dc9c2d8c71b8ca8962 5c8cd2589d608cae6eb059c0f447874e.jpg
https://gyazo.com/5c8cd2589d608cae6eb059c0f447874e def46df92bcec717696ebab92e0d4963.jpg
https://gyazo.com/def46df92bcec717696ebab92e0d4963 83e810c6c224936f575bd6ea7d849cae.jpg
https://gyazo.com/83e810c6c224936f575bd6ea7d849cae 23d09ea7123e55d789ed44cb762ec8e0.jpg

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