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[Inventory Rollback Request]*Cataclysm_Cat*


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Your Name: Cataclysm_Cat
Coordinates: x: 1123 z: -1521
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 7:25 pm PST 9/26/20
Description of Issue: Googoobot21 found a funny sign and wanted to show me.  I teleported to them and  immediately died.  The comment said that I "suffocated in a wall".  My totem of undying activated but still didn't save me...I just died.  There were no obstructions to where I was teleporting to.  All my items are gone and never dropped and I lost my fairy dew effect.  The only item that stayed on me was my halberd because it has curse of possession on it.  This has happened one other time too!  Any help would be appreciated!  P.S.  This wasn't goo's fault...I had a feeling I was going to die this day....
Screenshots (Optional):

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Everything looks greats :D  Thank you so much!  

I do have a questions though.  I had my halberd on when I died, but it stayed with me.  I put it in a chest for safe keeping...and after the inventory rollback, I got the same halberd.  I don't want to get in trouble for duping or anything so should I just get rid of it?  Was thinking of passing it on to Toasty to dispose of...

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