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enable/allow creative tank


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So I have come to realize the creative tank is a way of getting unlegit /creative fluids due to it being a creative item and I know I'm one of many that wish we could use it since if you think of it you can make all the liquids through rftools dimensions but that causes lag and bad amounts.. the creative tank does just about the same but without lag, all fluids you can put into the tank are fluids you can generate through rftools, is there possibly a way to get it where the fluids are then legit? me mainly i wanna do my neutral farm without so many machines generating the cryo/pyro etc and i know others feel that same towards that and  the free lava is really horrible i cant even put an import bus on it with 4 accelerations without it draining) id wanna setup a obsidian emc farm and just about most things to do emc farms are really horrible of lag i get it that some think the economy can be destroyed but with what? its fluids and there's not a lot of fluids that are super super op like infinity blocks etc or what not, many of which fluids you can put in are easily obtainable at a certain point of the beginning and I don't think many would even begin to sell those kind of ores since you just spent 400+ hours grinding to that point I get some might do so this is just a suggestion so we don't have to have many dimensions open having tps issues due to it. and also I understand the way the wand of animation is not allowed but from that its very much different since you can do just about any block  at least this there's many restrictions to OP items you can get due to not a lot of fluids. Thank you and hopefully we can get this figured out and maybe allow this without the "creative influenced to it" if I need to please let me know if it would be better to do a poll for the whole server to also vote and see what they choose? And as for the rftool dims I've already gotten a warning just for having a dimension open because it was causing server lag without my intention, but yet if we cant allow rftool dims and or this way then there's really not a way to get far in the pack with emc or easy ways around a lot of fluids and many other will possibly follow since more and more people are getting to the point of dimensions and having easy work around for say that liquid where you need it going all the time especially if your playing as a legit player not using the wand of animation or any other things that jump you from 0 to 100 fast. we just want a way to be able to do things without so much lag and a lot easier process for say 

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This being a multiplayer server, there are intrinsic constraints and choices that need to be made. First of all, the lag, you can make farms and rftools dimensions, but the moment you go overboard and what you've done starts having a decent impact on the server's state you'll be warned about it, since it wouldn't be fair for other players to suffer from something they aren't causing. Secondly, working on balance, even tho it's impossible to have totally balanced trading system in modpacks with a linear progression, we have to set the limit somewhere, and we chose that it would be the totally unbalanced items (wand of animation, creative tank, creative chest (this one can be used for duping so it's plain restricted)), since they give the exactly the same value to one block/bucket and an infinite amount of them, and that's simply wrong.

So there are two options, either you use those unbalanced items in your base and play the modpack normally, with the only drawback being that you can't sell/gift the stuff they have influenced. Or keep farms to produce what ever you want to sell without the unbalanced items (at a reasonable size so that it doesn't affect the server) so that you can sell them.

This being a multiplayer server you have to make a choice, either make things fast for you and your island members, or make things slowly to sell them to others. Or just do both but keep them clearly separated so staff can assure it is the case. However you won't be allowed to produce stuff insanely fast and still be able to sell/gift them.

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