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[Inventory Rollback Request] Lightningbolt40


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Your Name: Lightningbolt40
Coordinates: x:-4456 z:7388 (this are the coords where i am now, where i died idk bc description)
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 11am CEST (Belgium), 4th october 2020
Description of Issue: I was searching for a dungeon in raid world. But i could find one so i thought i going to go to end then i did /spawn. That command insta killed me losing all my stuff. And said as discription ''sufficated in a wall'' also it used my totem of undying but it didnt helpt it was still insta kill. I tried a grave scroll to get back to my stuff it insta killed me again. This is why i asking for a roleback of my accound.

I dont know how you guys going to do roleback so for coordinats i have no idea from coords i died this are the coordinates where i am right know/my base. this also for coorditnats i took alot before it happened becouse i flown alot over en and if it teleport me to the point i was in that time i maybe die again. also i took 10 hours bf this happened normally im shure evrything is in it. i died around 9:10pm and lost evrything that day.

Screenshots (Optional):

stuff i got normally : golem set. two fire dragonbone weapons in inv the rest was in toolbelt. some  dia tools two shulker boxes: green one and brown

baubles all of  them where undying or punishment: amulet of sea, ring of regeneration, ring of fairys, toolbelt, ankh charm, balloon, dragon eye, totem of undying

for rest of my inventory i dont care what i lost

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