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Integrated Tunnels Mod - Getting Started


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This is a very handy mod for moving liquids, items, and energy. All the while saving the server from lag and increasing your transferring speeds to near-infinite for little to no lag. The mod is hard-coded to move 1 item PER TICK regardless which is why its an amazing mod to use. Its better than ANY other cable I've ever used. Need help feeding water to that thermoelectric boiler to an industrial turbine? Need it to move items faster because EnderIO conduits and Extra Utils cables aren't doing it? Your base is lagging from cable usage and you want to cut that down immensely AND have shorter transfer times? Then this is the perfect mod for you. **DISCLAIMER** I am not the owner, I am just someone to help make this mod more manageable and known because I never knew it was so powerful until I tried feeding water to an actively cooled big reactor and hundreds of cables were needed, this mod only makes ONE cable needed, and causes WAY LESS lag.

Now that's out of the way, lets move on to the tutorial.

1. Start growing a Menril tree (menril sapling) this will be your way of starting the mod.

2. Craft some item exporters for extracting and an item importers for inserting. (you do NOT need both on a connection. They all pull from item/fluids/energy interfaces. So make it accordingly as having to push from 1 importer to all other interfaces is less efficient than multiple exporters pulling from ONE interface, whether its energy or fluids or items it will help astronomically)

3. Craft some interfaces and place them on the machine or block of your choice.

4. Place your item exporter/importer on another machine/block you wish to transfer fluids/energy/items  to or from.

5. (this is the hard part) Create a "Variable Card" and place it inside of your item importer/exporter next to the "import all x" and it will just start working. No RF, no messing around with ugly GUIs, and absolutely perfect for management. If it doesn't need to be sorted quite yet then great, if not then continue.

6. Now you probably want to do more advanced stuff, so create a "Logic Programmer". It may look immsenely intimidating, but you are NOT using all those functions, if you are trying to sort ONE item, then click the "Item" button on the left and then place your variable card in the bottom right square of the GUI and place your item in the blank square in the center.
If you are looking for multiple items, then click "list" and place your variable card in the bottom right of the GUI, and then press the top arrows till it reaches "Item" then click on the plus sign in the top right and place your item in the square, click the + sign once more and you now have another item to place. (when you remove the card it may only show ONE item there but that's due to character restrictions, I can assure you its all there. If you are unsure, give it a test just to make sure before asking for help on it.


Most importantly, this is a DUMBED down tutorial to get you started. The rest will come with time and naturally getting used to this mod. You can even configure how much items it transfers at a time. Here's more info on that:

Once your variable card is in the exporter/importer you can click on the + sign next to it and click the arrows at the top to switch tabs. You can select Round-Robin, Item Transfer Rate (how much items it will move from a STACK.) Along with other functions you can mess with. Don't forget most importantly, the mod is hard-coded to move 1 item PER TICK regardless and has very little lag involved as it just teleports items and doesn't act as an active entity (glaring at you EnderIO Cables). Its overall amazing for both you and the server! Happy building minecraftees!



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