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[Claim Rollback Request] Skar6


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Your Name: Skar6
Coordinates: x:-9386, z: -4779, y:? (This might not be correct, please see description below)
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): I was still in the chunk at 17.10.2020 20:42 (UTC+2). To be save take 20:00 UTC+2
Description of Issue: This gets a bit longer to better understand:

Yesterday evening I was trying to test if the TPS loss was related to my ME system and took it offline. (it wasn't related). I took it online again and tried to monitor the TPS a bit to intensly I guess and was kicked for spamming. So far so good.
In addition over the last few days I started building a large crop farm (so far no machines are active and no crops are planted). Since the before mentioned kick my client always crashes when I come near the chunk of this farm. When it starts crashing it will until I use the Unstuck package in the shop. With this I can login again, I can get back to my island - but again when I just get near this chunk my local client crashes again. Local logs do not report anything at all. I hope that maybe the ServerLog can help with that. I just reproduced it again after getting back online with the Unstuck pack and after the last Server-Restart (at 10:37 UTC+2)
Login:10:38 UTC+2 (Then used /home to get to my island which worked fine as well)
Then I flew over in the firection of the Farm-Chunk (South-East direction fromt he middle of my island).
Crash: 10:41 UTC+2
When I try to relogin I can see the island for a second and then get a
Internal Exception: java.io.Exception (So a rather unhelpful one without the server-log I guess)

I already reinstalled the local client just to be sure and have around 10GB of Ram allocated - so I don't think this is an issue. It did also work yesterday before the spam related kick but after the latest update - so this seems not to be related either.
It would be a pity if the last days of work for the large farm would be in vain. (Without WE this is rather time consuming)
Asood tried to get near the chunk again ang got the same error
Hoping that these information can help you to help me :D

There is a chunk in the south west of the center of my base with a large tower/farm I started to build over a few days / many hours. Getting near this chunk crashes the local client. Started yesterday (17.10.) evening after 20:42 (UTC+2). Since I can't get near there I can't get the exact coordinates - the onse mentioned above are a rough estimate - might be +1-2 chunks around.
Asood tried to get near the chunk again ang got the same error

Thank you in advance!

Edit: So it is "only" ony chunk - it would be great not to rollback the full base :D

Screenshots (Optional): Thats the error when I get near them.

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Highly appreciate the help! Thank you!

The changes made in the last couple of hours in the previously broken chunks are gone but that is something I expected and will slowly fix over time.

Thank you again, everything seems now to work as expected.


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