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lost my stuff


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okay so i asked in the chat if someone had a wither skeleton nearby so i can stare into its eyes and do the monk lvl15 challenge, and this friendly guy said that he does, i accidentally fell into the wither skeleton farm and died, but my stuff didnt spawn as a grave(tablet), and thus i lost all my stuff.these are my death coordinates image.png.e5bc11f516848f59bc8eeaf8ac305055.png

image.png.8b0ad3ccd9b1398df61ca18fb02a7eb9.pngimage.png.73f7614fb21a8025e035a9a4199e6267.pngimage.png.88150e41eab19cc7a630247e911f1ac8.pngimage.png.1f7978b966849a610ef78ea2c5f1a48d.pngi would be really thankful if you can get my stuff back ASAP, thanks for reading this and please respond

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