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[unban] [_xXx_Reaper_xXx_]


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[1] In-Game Username:


[2] Details of Situation:

I just tp to the spawn & I have been kicked with a message about the Ban

Edit : I just see this post, and it's exactly what it happend to me. Is it because I use a VPN ? :

[3] Ban Category:

Rule 8  - Griefing protected land

[4] Ban Duration:

1 Week

[5] Staff Member:

Don't know who ?

[6] ScreenShots:

 In attachment.

[7] Your Reason:

I don't understand why this ban, because we can't destroy protected land.
I know that there is some exploit but I didn't play with this.

The only thing I see, it's today, I was blocked in the air while flying over a mountain, as I couldn't move I dug down to see what was the problem and I came at the entry of the base of someone, so I immediatly get out and there I was able to leave this "invisible" wall that blocked me.
--> I didn't enter the base of the player and so I didn't grief a protected land.

Can you explain me what I did of wrong to ensure to not be ban again a next time ?
And is it possible to unban me ? because I really don't see what I did of wrong.
Thank you.

Kind Regards,


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Hello 3XJ,

Yes it's what I said, I was blocked upper the mountain while flying around, i could just get down near a solar panel.
I didn't grief it and as I was on a free area (near the solar panel and not over it), I just dug down to know what was blocking me and why I could just move in that way (down).
Until I see by going down I came at the entry of a player base, but it was not in a protected area and I didn't used a bypass protection it was a simple hammer from tinker.

A player was there and he can confirm I didn't get into his base, after what I tryed to move again in the air and finally I used the /home because I couldn't leave between this mountain and the sky (bug?).
This player asked me what I was doing there, and fortunatly you have the printscreen saying the same story and you can see I stay Fair even when he trash talked me (and asking him to stay polite).
EDIT : I see you don't have the last part of the chat in your printscreen, you can check the log to see when he was trash talking and I replied to stay polite.

The hole on the printscreen is the way down I did because it was the only way I was able to move from the top of the mountain.
I was not in a "protected area", but stuck in air.
--> As soon I see the base I leaved the place, I have touch nothing and as I replied to the player, I was curious to know why I was stuck in the air.

I don't understand whats wrong about this as long I was in an unprotected area in a mountain (if it was protected I won't be able to dig down), even the right click didn't say it was a protected area.

I apologyze if something is wrong but sincerly I did nothing to this base and I don't know why I get a ban for this unwanted situation.
I hope you'll be tolerant for this situation.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,


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